Caregiver Training Options

Caregiver Training:

California law now requires that assisted living facilities and residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE) provide 40 hours of initial training to caregivers and 20 hours of annual training thereafter.  In addition, Title 22 requires that a certain number of hours for the initial training and annual training be “hands on” and in specific subject matter areas. The topics include: personal care services, physical limitations of the elderly, psychosocial needs of elderly, dementia, emergency preparedness, medications, postural supports, cultural competency and LGBT, and resident rights.

CareerSmart® Learning offers three options to assist RCFE and assisted living administrators and licensees in providing the required caregiver training:

Option 1 – Live Classroom Training

Caregivers may attend any of our live pre-scheduled classes by choosing from the dates and locations listed in our live caregiver training class schedule.

Option 2 – Online/Live Classroom Combo Training

This option combines online learning with live training classes.  Caregivers may take half the hours online via our Online Caregiver Training bundle  and half the hours in a live classroom setting by attending a pre-scheduled class listed in the caregiving training class schedule.

Option 3 – Customized on-site training at your facility:

This option allows employers to customize the training program to meet the facility’s staffing needs.  It can include a combination of online caregiver training courses, live classroom training hours, and/or on-site in-services at your facility conducted by a CareerSmart instructor/expert consultant.  Please Contact Us to inquire about this option.

Medication Training:

California Health and Safety Code 1569.69 requires anyone who assists residents with medications to obtain medication training consistent with the following:


Initial Medication Training Annual Medication Training
Total Initial Hours: Live In-service Training and Exam: within the first 2 weeks Shadowing: before assisting residents with medications Total Annual Hours:

Capacity of 15 or less

Capacity of 16 or more



4 hours

8 hours (in first 4 weeks)

6 hours

16 hours




CareerSmart® Learning offers two options to assist RCFE and assisted living administrators/employers and staff in obtaining the required medication training:

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