Berthina B. Coleman née Fomenky MD, BSN, RN

Dr. Coleman graduated nursing school 10 years ago and has worked in several disciplines including Critical Care, Dialysis, Surgery, Emergency Department and Long-term care & Rehab. In the interim, she went on to pursue further education graduating with a Medical Degree (M.D.) from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 2014. Currently, she is completing her residency training in Seattle, WA. She worked consistently as a nurse during her medical training process. She has held several leadership positions in nursing including charge nurse and nurse manager positions. She is currently working as a nurse consultant while completing her training.
“Nursing is my foundation upon which I am building my medical career. I firmly believe that the nursing perspective in caring for a patient is a different and absolutely critical portion necessary to provide the best care to our ever-changing patient population”.

Fun fact: Dr. Coleman is from a very large family, with a total of 7 siblings, 5 of which are also Nurses. She says her family lives and breathes Nursing!

February 17, 2021

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