24+ Hours Of Online Caregiver Training Bundle

24+ Hours of Online Caregiver Training Bundle

(Caregiver Training)



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Product Description

Learners who purchase this bundle will be enrolled in 24+ hours of online education appropriate for caregivers working in an assisted living/RCFE or other long term care setting.  Courses include topics in the following required core of knowledge areas: Physical Needs of the Elderly, Psychosocial Needs of the Elderly, Dementia Care, Emergency Preparedness, Postural Supports/Restricted Conditions & Hospice Care, and Resident Rights.  Learners can print an individual certificate of completion after each course topic in this bundle is completed.  This bundle contributes to meeting the 40 hour initial training requirements for caregivers working in an RCFE, per new laws effective January 1, 2016, which indicates at least 16 hours must be “hands on”, while at least 24 hours may be completed online or through other means.


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