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For Case Managers looking to pass the CCMC Certification in Case Management (CCM) Exam!

This program is offered as a study guide in preparation for the Certified Case Manager (CCM) examination.  It contains 7 online modules and one comprehensive CCM Practice Test (CCM Test Prep) with 132 questions to assist case managers in passing the CCM Exam.  Average run time is 13.5 hours to complete the entire program.  The program can be taken at a self-directed pace. Learners can start, stop, and navigate the modules at their leisure, and are eligible for CE credits as outlined further below.

This online program focuses on the five major domains of essential knowledge typically required to provide case management interventions, including:

  1. Case delivery and reimbursement methods
  2. Psychosocial concepts and support systems
  3. Quality and outcomes evaluation and measurements
  4. Rehabilitation concepts and strategies
  5. Ethical, legal and practice standards.

Learner objectives for this CCM Study Guide and CCM Practice Test/Exam are:

  1. Recognize the core competencies that serve as the foundation of a professional practice of case management.
  2. Analyze the core competencies commonly associated with the delivery of and funding for healthcare services.
  3. Describe the psychosocial concepts that are necessary for the delivery of case management interventions through and across each transition of patient care.
  4. Discuss quality measures and quality improvement initiatives that are integral to the professional practice of case management.
  5. Explain the rehabilitation concepts and strategies that impact a professional practice of case management.
  6. Identify the ethical, legal, and practice standards that guide a professional practice of case management.
  7. Apply test taking strategies discussed when taking the national case management examination.

This program was developed and narrated in 2019 by Nancy E. Skinner, RN-BC, CCM, ACM-RN, CMCN, a credentialed, experienced, and nationally recognized speaker and subject matter expert on case management, and past President of the national Case Management Society of America.

This program includes learning checks within each module, as well as a final practice exam that can be taken as many times as needed and includes feedback on answers missed. This course is approved for 8 CEU credits for Nurses (RN, LVN, LPN) in all states.


What does this study guide, online training, and practice test offer that others don't?

This CCM Test Prep program is entirely online and does not require the purchase of an additional book or ancillary study materials.  In fact, the content of each module and practice questions are available to print or download at no additional cost.  Furthermore, our online CCM Practice Test / Exam is intended to be a comprehensive sample of what the real CCM Exam will entail in order to prepare students; students may take our online practice exam as many times as needed for one year from the date of enrollment.  For each question, the learner can get feedback on whether it was correct or not and what the correct answer is.  After taking this program, case managers are armed with all the content and test-taking tools they need to pass the CCM exam with flying colors!

How long will this program take to complete?

This is an online program that can be taken entirely at a self directed pace.  Learner can view all the content in order or jump around and view the sections they choose, or jump to the comprehensive practice test to take as many times as needed. For those who take the course in its entirety, run time is approximately 13.5 hours.  The course must be taken in it’s entirety for students who want the CE credit, as certificates will not be released until each module has been viewed and the final test has been passed with a score of 80% or higher.

Time per module is listed below:

Module 1: The Foundation of Case Management Practice – 1 Hour
Module 2: Care Delivery & Reimbursement Methods – 2 Hours
Module 3: Psychological Concepts and Support Systems – 3 Hours
Module 4: Quality and Outcomes Evaluation and Measurements – 2 Hours
Module 5: Rehabilitation Concepts and Strategies – 2 Hours
Module 6: Ethical, Legal and Practice Standards – 2 Hours
Module7: Test Taking Strategies – 1.5 Hours + Comprehensive Practice Test

What are the qualifications and pre-requisites or eligibility to become a Certified Case Manager (CCM)?

To learn about the qualifications, requirements, and prerequisites for CCM certification, please visit the Commission for Case Management Certification (CCMC) here:

What do I need to prepare for the actual CCM Exam / Test Date?

CCMC has some great guidelines on how to prepare and what to bring for the big day.  Check them out here:

How do I register to take the CCM Exam / Test?

CCMC only administers the CCM examination a certain number of times per year and has specific registration and test taking cycles.  To view upcoming timelines and test cycles and register for your test date, click here:

What devices can this course be taken on?

This course can be taken on any computer or device with an internet connection. Due to the length and format of this course, it is recommended that users complete this program on a desktop or laptop computer. For optimal performance, the Google Chrome browser is recommended:

How do I get CE credits for this online CCM Study Guide and Practice Test?

This course is approved for 8 CEU credits for Nurses (RN, LVN, LPN) in all states. The program must be completed in it’s entirety and the final test passed with a score of 80% or higher in order to receive a continuing education (CE) Certificate.  The CE Certificate will be available for print or download immediately upon completion.

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