Knee Anatomy and Exam in Industrial Injury Bundle – 7.0 CEUs/contact hrs

(Nurses, CCM, CRC, and WC CA)



Purchasing this course bundle enrolls learner in 2 modules: Anatomy of the Knee (2.5 CEUs) and Knee Examination and Industrial Injuries (4.5 CEUs). Learner can print out separate certificates for each module, totalling 7.0 CEUs. Objectives include: identifying basic anatomy of the knee and bones, ligaments, and muscle impacted by common knee injuries; identify common industrial injuries to the knee and their signs and symptoms; identifying diagnostic studies, common treatment plays and causes for rehabilitation delays. Courses are approved for Nurses (all states), CCM, CRC, and CA Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjusters. Courses will be updated or discontinued on or before July 31, 2023.


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