Caregiver Training

Worry no more — we have caregiver training conveniently packaged and easy to access to meet your facility needs. California law requires that assisted living facilities and residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE) provide 40 hours of initial training to caregivers and 20 hours of annual training thereafter. The topics required include: personal care services, physical limitations of the elderly, psychosocial needs of elderly, dementia, emergency preparedness, medications, postural supports, cultural competency and LGBT, resident rights, and elder abuse training. CareerSmart® offers online courses to assisted living and RCFE employers to assist them in meeting the caregiver training requirements.

Let us help with your Caregiver Training and enjoy peace of Mind. Click on this video to learn how!

Benefits of CareerSmart® online training courses include:

  • Comprehensive packages which include all the hours your caregivers need, in the mandated topics, and easy to audit documentation to demonstrate compliance
  • High quality content to ensure your staff know what’s required  and prepare them to serve as back-up facility managers
  • Fast and easy; available 24/7 from the convenience of any location with internet access
  • Certificates printable and downloadable immediately
  • Interactive  and engaging; caregivers required to pass a short quiz at the end to ensure material was understood and retained; may re-take quiz as many times as needed to pass
  • Certificates include all the information Licensing is looking for to verify compliance

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