Brain Injury: The Other Stuff – 1.0 CE/Contact Hour

(Nurses, CCM, CRC, and WC CA)



This is a webcast recorded from a live event that took place in November 2013. This is one of the presentations conducted that day which consisted of a program entitled “Brain Injury: Rehab Challenges and Optimizing Outcomes.” This particular module focuses on the “less talked about stuff” related to mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) but which can cause major challenges for TBI patients trying to navigate the phases of rehabilitation. Objectives are:

  • Define TBI and the epidemiology of TBI.
  • Define post-concussive syndrome.
  • Identify functional outcomes, early preventive intervention, and treatment for persistent post-traumatic symptoms.
  • Describe balance disorders and dizziness and the diagnosis of balance and vestibular disorder.
  • Identify malingering and other psychological considerations.

Course is approved for 1.0 CE/Contact Hour to the following professions:

  • Nurses (RN, LVN, LPN) (all states)
  • Critical Care RN (CCRN): meets the criteria for CCRN Synergy Continuing Education
    Recognition Point(s) (CERPS) in Category A
  • Certified Case Managers (CCM)
  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC)
  • CA Workers’ Comp Claims Adjusters

Must pass final quiz with 80% or more; may re-take as often as needed. Course will be updated or discontinued on or before July 31, 2027.

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