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RCFE Administrator Recertification/CEU Courses – Online (California Only)

Certified RCFE Administrators in California are required to complete 40 hours of CE/Contact Hours every 2 years. At least 8 of the 40 hours must be related to dementia care and 4 of the 40 hours must be on laws & regulations. Also, if you have not already taken it as part of your initial certification or renewal, all RCFE Administrators must complete 1 hour of LGBT sensitivity training.

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Caregiver Training (California Only)

California law requires that assisted living facilities and residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE) provide 40 hours of initial training to caregivers and 20 hours of annual training thereafter. CareerSmart® has easy to use online training packages to meet both of these needs. The topics include: personal care services, physical limitations of the elderly, psychosocial needs of elderly, dementia, emergency preparedness, medications, postural supports, cultural competency and LGBT, resident rights, and state-mandated elder abuse training and videos.

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  • RCFE Initial Certification – PRACTICE TEST

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