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At CareerSmart® Learning, we believe in excellence in customer service and “hugging” our customers, whether in the form of support to our online continuing education learners, support to our team members, and support to our community.  We have multiple causes to whom we provide community support and frequently champion causes recommended by our team members.  We also give support to immediate and local causes, such as the Girl Scouts, local sports teams, animal shelters, or drives to assist with donations for natural disasters.

Mental Health and Wellness Causes:

There is one cause in particular that we hold close to our hearts.  We are committed to contributing routinely to mental health and wellness in our community.  Specifically, we devote time and resources to support our homeless and veterans populations, which we perceive to be underserved segments of our populations in need of mental health assistance.

Thus, CareerSmart® is a proud partner of the Mental Health Association (MHA) of Orange County  which provides outreach, housing, outpatient, and wellness services to improve the quality of life of those suffering from mental illness.  Ways in which we support MHA include:

  • Sponsoring an annual holiday gift wrapping booth where our employees volunteer time and supplies to raise money for MHA
  • Sponsoring food booths at local festivals to raise money for MHA
  • Providing creative design and technical support to assist in MHA’s fundraising efforts
  • Underwriting a portion of the MHA thrift store, which provides job training opportunities for consumers and income for the homeless drop-in center
  • Financial donations to support the MHA homeless and veterans outreach programs and their community education efforts
  • Funding the purchase of a van to aid in their homeless outreach efforts
  • Annual collection drive of clothing and toiletries for homeless and veterans program distribution

In 2017, MHA Orange County acknowledged CareerSmart® and our parent company, ISYS® Solutions, Inc. for our “Extraordinary Compassion and Support” of mental health programs.

Another mental health and wellness related cause that CareerSmart® feels strongly about is Alzheimer’s and Dementia care and research.  As many of you know, CareerSmart® provides various courses and bundled training programs for healthcare professionals and caregivers on the topic of dementia and Alzheimer’s and is also a joint provider of continuing education with Alzheimer’s Los Angeles.

CareerSmart® has also participated in various Alzheimer’s Walks, such as the “Walk 4 ALZ Orange County” to support research and services provided to those caring for or coping with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

CareerSmart® Learning and our employees have also participated in The Pat Tillman Foundation’s “Pat’s Run” in Arizona, which is an organization that supports veterans, spouses and their families through educational scholarships, tools, and a support network.

To inquire about how to join the #CareerSmartCommunity Team or about how you can contribute to any of these worthy calls, feel free to reach out to us.

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