Dementia Care Excellence Certificate Program

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Dementia Care Excellence Certificate Program

Advance your career with Dementia Care Certification.

Designed for people who are passionate about providing exceptional care and improving quality of life for those living with dementia, this self-paced program delivers:

  • Tools to help you provide better care for those living with dementia.
  • A comprehensive understanding of compassionate dementia care.
  • Topics developed by subject matter experts with decades of experience in dementia care.
  • Knowledge and confidence to provide the highest standard of care for individuals living with dementia.

Having this certification adds valuable credibility to your professional growth and enhances your marketable qualifications.

Whether you are a professional care provider or a dedicated family member, our program is designed to support your journey toward dementia care excellence.

This program consists of an 8-module series that can be taken at a self-directed pace. Run time for this program is approximately 9 hours, however, run time may vary per learner.

This program does not include pre-approved continuing education hours/credits for professional license or certification renewal.

If you are interested in obtaining continuing education hours for your staff, please Contact Us.

Why Choose Our Program?

Enhanced Learning
Benefit from the wisdom of our subject matter experts with real-life examples, case scenarios, and helpful videos to deepen your understanding of dementia care. Learn more about our unique network of subject matter experts here.
Personal Growth
We value the pursuit of professional development and continuous learning and aim to provide meaningful education that truly makes a difference. We stay current on healthcare advancements and industry standards, keeping you at the forefront of dementia care practices.
As a self-paced online program, you can balance your learning with your busy professional life. Courses are available on-demand, allowing you to stop and start at your convenience and receive your certificate immediately after completing the program.
Access to Resources
Our program provides access to valuable dementia and mental health resources for providers and family members, such as guidance fact sheets and assessment tools.
Improve Organizational Outcomes
Ensure your staff is equipped to handle sensitive situations and make a profound difference in the lives of individuals living with dementia. A well-trained workforce can positively impact client, resident, and patient satisfaction, reduce staff turnover, boost efficiency, enhance your organization’s reputation, and benefit the community at large. Inquire about corporate accounts to learn more.


Course Topics

  • Dementia Types: An Overview of Primary Forms
    Gain a deep understanding of the various types of dementia and how they manifest and impact individuals differently.
  • Dementia Related Behaviors
    Learn to recognize and manage behavioral changes and triggers commonly associated with dementia, promoting a more peaceful environment for those in care and those providing care.
  • Combative Behaviors in Persons with Dementia
    Acquire essential strategies in effectively minimizing, managing, and preventing combative behaviors, reducing stress and tension within the caregiving relationship.
  • Sexual Behaviors and Intimacy Needs of Persons with Dementia
    Gain knowledge on the sensitive topic of sexual needs and behaviors of persons with dementia and learn important techniques to appropriately manage sexual behaviors with a respectful, person-centered approach.
  • Wandering and Safety for Persons with Dementia
    Enhance your understanding on why wandering occurs and learn best practices and safety measures to mitigate common safety risks.
  • Communication Considerations When Caring for Persons with Dementia
    Master effective and compassionate communication techniques tailored to individuals with dementia, facilitating smoother interactions and improved understanding.
  • Activities of Daily Living and Assisting Persons with Dementia
    Discover practical methods for assisting with daily tasks while preserving autonomy and dignity.
  • Therapeutic Activities for Persons with Dementia
    Learn to assess activity needs of a person with dementia and enhance well-being and quality of life through therapeutic activities designed to stimulate cognitive and emotional engagement.


Additional Program Details

Each course module includes a final quiz that must be passed with 80% or more; the final quiz may be re-taken as often as needed. The certificate will be available immediately upon completion of the program. The program is available for one year from date of purchase.


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