Zachary McKinley, BS, MS

I’m a recent transplant to California (arriving in early 2023), but long-time traveler and have lived all over the country. I come from the fields of Psychology (B.S. in Psychology from Clarkson University), Technology (M.S. in Educational Technology from SUNY Potsdam), and Education (M.S. in Learning, Design, and Technology from Penn State) and I truly believe that empathetic and experiential design are the tenets to inclusive and meaningful learning design. This philosophy served me well as a K-12 Technology Education teacher and in the various workshops, makerspaces, libraries, and discovery centers where I have facilitated intergenerational learning programs. I am passionate about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice and have been fortunate to support a large international company in these efforts to create safe, inclusive, and supportive workspaces. Here at CareerSmart Learning, I take the scaffolding of a supportive, engaging, and efficient learning experience extremely seriously and work hard to ensure that our learners have exactly what they need, when they need it, and with the support built-in to meet them wherever they are at on their learning journey. My digital and physical door is always open, and I’d be happy to hear any and all feedback about our Learning Management System so that we can better deliver on our mission, values, and goals surrounding learners.

Outside of work, I love to play games of all sorts – from Dungeons and Dragons to Hardcore Roguelike RPGs and pretty much anything in-between. I’m an avid foodie and have nearly endless filibusters about various types of foods and drinks. I have a fiancée, Andie, who is from the SoCal area and a furry little gremlin, Biscuit, who occasionally can be seen around the office! Other than that, I’m a maker, crafter, builder, tinkerer, and nerd who loves to go to conventions, conferences, tournaments, and meetups around Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comics, the Renaissance time period, and pretty much anything else.

Fun Fact: Zach has spent many nights sleeping in snowbanks and carved out snow shelters back home!

March 6, 2024

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