Elder Abuse and Reporting in Residential Care – CALIFORNIA REQUIRED (Caregiver Training) – 2.0 hours

(Caregiver Training)



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This course provides an overview of elder abuse concepts and reporting laws related to long term care and residential facilities for the elderly specifically.  By the end of this course learners will be able to 1) describe the types of elder abuse, 2) define and provide examples of financial abuse of seniors, 3) define what it means to be a mandated reporter, 4) identify laws and regulations related to elder abuse and reporting when resident lives in a residential care facility, 5) identify criteria, forms used, and process for reporting suspected abuse, 6) list persons or organizations who are mandated to report abuse, 7) identify family dynamics or conditions of older adults that may indicate a high risk for elder abuse.  Included in this course are the state-required videos from the California Department of Justice and California Attorney General on “Your Legal Duty” to report and “Financial Abuse”, which learners will be required to watch.  This course is intended to contribute to caregiver and staff training in the area of Psychosocial Needs and Laws and Regulations.  Learners must pass final quiz witih 80% or more; may re-take as often as needed. Course will be updated or discontinued on or before July 31, 2023.


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