Initial Caregiver Training (California Required – RCFE)

(Caregiver Training)



The courses in this training bundle are intended to meet the requirements for caregivers working in Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) or Assisted Living settings in California, per the California Health and Safety Code. The multiple courses included in this bundle meet the requirements for training in the following categories:

  • Cultural Competency and LGBT
    • Cultural Sensitivity in Elder Care – 4.0 hours
    • LGBTQ Sensitivity Training for Long Term Care Professionals – 1.0 hour
  • Personal Care Services
    • Common Challenges in Aging – 4.0 hours
  • Physical Limitations and Needs of Elderly
    • Fall Prevention in Older Adults – 2.0 hours
    • Geriatric Nutrition: Nutritional Management of Residents in Long-Term Care Facilities – 1.0 hour
  • Psychosocial Needs of the Elderly
    • Person-Centered Care: An Overview – 1.0 hours
  • Dementia Care & Medications: Interaction of drugs commonly used, misuse of antipsychotics, and adverse effects of antipsychotics on persons with dementia
    • Combative Behaviors in Persons with Dementia – 2.0 hours
    • Communication Considerations When Caring for Persons with Dementia – 3.0 hours
    • Dementia Related Behaviors – 2.5 hours
    • Dementia Types: Overview of Primary Forms – 1.0 hour
    • Medications Commonly Prescribed for Persons with Dementia – 1.0 hour
    • Sexual Behaviors and Intimacy Needs of Persons with Dementia – 2.0 hours
    • Wandering and Safety for Persons with Dementia – 1.0 hour
  • Emergency Preparedness and Fire Safety
    • Safety Preparedness and Emergency Response When Caring for Older Adults – 1.5 hours
  • Medications: Policies and Procedures Regarding Medications
    • Pain Management in Older Adults – 1.0 hour
  • Postural Supports, Hospice, and Restricted Conditions
    • Postural Supports – 4.0 hours
    • Hospice Model of Care – 3.0 hours
  • Resident Rights
    • Elder Abuse and Reporting – State Mandated Videos (California Required) – 1.0 hour
    • Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse and Neglect: Recognizing and Reporting – 1.0 hour
    • Resident Rights for Assisted Living – 1.0 hour
  • Infection Control
    • Infection Control and Superbugs in Long Term Care – 2.0 hours

Once learners complete all the courses within each of these categories, they may choose to print individual certificates for each course and/or will receive a Certificate of Completion with all the subjects listed. The final Certificate of Completion will include ALL of the documentation needed (including subjects, hours completed, and hands-on shadowing documentation) to demonstrate compliance with caregiver training requirements to Licensing or your LPA. This certificate should be placed in the employee’s file or record to demonstrate compliance.

In conjunction with completing these courses, facilities should be documenting a minimum of 16-hours of hands-on shadowing time for all new caregivers. There is a spot on the certificate for administrators or managers to document this shadowing time.

For caregivers working in facilities of greater than 15 capacity who also plan to assist with medications management, they should also enroll in the 8-hour Medication Training bundle.


Does this training meet the requirements of California Title 22 and Health & Safety Code?

Yes, if the learner completes all the modules in this bundle, they will have met the California requirements for initial caregiver training.

What documentation of the training do we need to keep on file to demonstrate compliance?

The facility should maintain the certificate of completion for each caregiver in their personnel file as proof of the training being completed.  The certificate of completion for the entire bundle contains all the language needed to demonstrate compliance of the training to Community Care Licensing.

How were these specific topics chosen for this initial training bundle?

Title 22 regulations and the CA Health & Safety Code outline the topics and categories of training that need to be completed.  The courses included in this bundle were chosen because they fit within the categories and meet the required topic areas of learning.

How do we document the hands-on shadowing?

The certificates of completion includes a place for the Administrator or Facility Designee to sign off and self-certify that the hands-on component of the training was completed, and the date the hours were completed on.

This is one of the benefits of the CareerSmart® Initial Caregiver Training program; it provides a single document of evidence for the facility and caregiver to keep on file and can provide that to Licensing without having to weed through binders of sign-in sheets or stacks of paper certificates, all on different topics.

Why is the CareerSmart® Initial Caregiver Training online program better than using videos or binders, or scheduling live in-services?

Videos and pre-templated training binders become quickly outdated and out of compliance as laws and regulations change, trainer qualifications change, and contents and best practices for caring for older adults change.  They also require the administrator or licensee or facility HR Department to be responsible for managing all the documentation associated with completing the training, including documentation of trainer credentials, sign-in sheets, topics, outlines, test results, and certificates of completion.

Similarly, while live-in-services can allow for direct verbal interaction with the instructor, they can be difficult and costly to coordinate and still result in separate sign-in sheets, certificates, and trainer credentials for each topic; all of which needs to be organized and recorded in each caregiver’s personnel file separately and accessible to the LPA.

In contrast, students who complete the CareerSmart® bundle will have only 1 piece of paper, Certificate of Completion, for each caregiver, that documents all the information needed to go in the caregiver’s personnel file and all the documentation needed to demonstrate to state Licensing that the caregiver completed all the training required by law and regulation. In addition, as content requirements change, per laws and regulations, or industry best practices, CareerSmart courses are updated and those currently enrolled are automatically enrolled in the most current version of that module.  No need to sift through piles of paper, organize sign up sheets, track hours, or purchase new training binders or videos year over year.

If I am an Administrator or Licensee, how can I enroll multiple caregivers or gain access to the caregiver training throughout the year, as we manage staff turnover?

Facilities can easily enroll multiple caregivers at once and enroll and unenroll staff as situations or employment status changes.  Administrators can retain control over transcripts and certificates.  Facilities enrolling groups of caregivers will qualify for group rate discounts.  To learn more about group rates and/or view a demo of how online learning works for caregiver training, please reach out to speak with a Client Success Manager here.

What technology is required to complete the training?

For a caregiver to complete the training they should have access to a laptop, desktop, or tablet device with internet access.

Once all the courses in the bundle are completed, the caregiver will be able to print or download the certificate and if there is an Administrator associated with the learner profile, they will also get an email with the Certificate of Completion to print or download.


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