Diabetes (Pt 1-3): Pathophysiology, Meds and Diet Bundle – 8.5 CE/Contact Hours

(Nurses, CCM, and CRC)



Purchasing this course bundle will enroll learner in three courses:

1) Diabetes Mellitus Part 1: Pathophysiology (3.0 CE/Contact hrs)
2) Diabetes Mellitus Part 2: Medications for Treatment of Diabetes (3.0 CE/Contact Hrs)
3) Diabetes Mellitus Part 3: Dietary Management (2.5 CE/Contact Hrs)

This course bundle is appropriate for not only healthcare professionals, but for patients, families, and other professionals interested in learning all about Diabetes. Objectives include: define Type 1 and 2 diabetes; describe normal metabolism; compare pathogenesis and incidence of diabetes types; identify goals of diabetic medication management and hyperglycemia management; describe methods of insulin administration; identify 4 types of action for oral diabetic agents and more; describe how intake of carbohydrates can directly influence blood glucose levels; differentiate between various diet therapies used in management of diabetes; describe how to modify nutrient intake to prevent and treat common complications of diabetes; and identify how diabetic complications can arise due to lack of dietary management.

Courses are approved for the following professions:

  • Nurses (RN, LVN, LPN) (all states)
  • Certified Case Managers (CCM)
  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC)

Must pass final quizzes with 80% or more; may re-take as often as needed. Course will be updated or discontinued on or before July 31, 2027.


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